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Brand: nexonar

Product development and launch

nexonar is a brand of soft2tec GmbH ( in Rüsselsheim am Main in Germany. Since 2004, soft2tec has been developing 3D motion capture solutions for industry, sports and medical applications.

In 2012 nexonar is established in the market as a brand of soft2tec. Together with the Rhein Main University of Applied Sciences and the University of Mainz (Prof. Dr. Schwanecke, Prof. Dr. Schoener, Dr. Tjaden) the IR based motion capture system is developed in 2014 within a ZIM cooperation project 'Optishot' for precise motion measurement in shooting sports, which today is the basis for the nexonar products and solutions.

Today, nexonar 3D motion capture solutions are an integral part of quality assurance in assembly and logistics. Motion sequences are captured in position and attitude, analyzed based on rules and processes are controlled in real time. Position in space in real time for Industry 4.0 and IoT applications.

In all important production locations, nexonar is available through its worldwide partner network.


Some highlights of nexonar are:

  • nexonar Assembly Scout - for manual assembly and picking - the Scout analyses & assists in areas such as screwdriver assembly and warehouse logistics.

  • Mocap for sports and biomechanics - The nexonar SCT captures and analyzes 3D movements with Live-View in the fields of sports, research and animal sciences.

  • Mocap research, quality assurance and ergonomics - nexonar offers complete systems for complex measurement applications to support product development.

  • Mocap in the field of medical - The aim is to promote the regeneration of human restrictions of the musculoskeletal system or to fundamentally improve restrictions.

  • nexonar Safety Scout - Collision detection of objects - Safety areas can be defined statically around e.g. a robot and a person, as well as dynamic room volumes that move with the object.

Your contact person: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel. +49 6142 – 705 901 0

Download Brochure Applications and Products
Download Brochure Assembly Scout

Brand: intunify

Software development and market introduction

intunify is a test system software developed in cooperation with the university of Applied Science of Osnabrück to "develop a test environment for distributed systems"

With intunify you can master the complexity of testing in distributed systems in a much better way. Worldwide, there is no software such as intunify for the analysis of distributed systems that saves such time and costs. A large focus was placed on the usability in its development. intunify enables fast access and ease of use for users.

Some highlights of intunify are:

  • The holistic topology of the distributed system is formally described.

  • Merging of the test results and their processing for downstream analysis (e.g. time correction). 

  • An Eclipse plug-in realizes syntax highlighting and syntactic control of the inputs with continuous feedback. 

  • Comparison of test results with allowed blurring, and the resolution of test specific dependencies, to make possible the comparability between different systems.

  • Test cases can use a Web service or a command line interface. There is a web interface that can be used for the search or analysis of test cases.

  • There is a web interface that can be used for the search or analysis of test cases.

Your contact person: Frank Honisch
Tel. +49 6142 – 705 901 0
Download intunify brochure

Joint Venture: Science&Motions Sports

Product development, company foundation and market introduction

Putt and swing analysis in golf with SAM PuttLab and SAM BalanceLab

In collaboration with Dr. Christian Marquardt and Martin Marquardt, a worldwide leading putt-analysis system "SAM PuttLab" was developed as well as a solution to the analysis by power-ground reactions. Now in more than 40 countries, the products are used by leading players like Tiger Woods, Martin Kaymer, Padraig Harrington, and many more. More than 35 Federations and PGAs use the products as standard training tools for their golf instructors. Christian Marquardt is now acting as German national coach for putting.

Some highlights of SAM are:

  • SAM PuttLab is the world's leading putt coaching and training system.

  • The result is a complete analysis of all relevant putting aspects.

  • 43% of golf strokes are putts, but putting is rarely trained systematically. Neuroscience tells us that efficient learning is all about accurate feedback. SAM PuttLab offers the most efficient technology for proven success.

  • Suitable for amateurs to PGA Tour players with over 2,000 satisfied customers worldwide.

  • SAM BalanceLab is an ultra-high resolution pressure plate for evaluating balance and weight transfer during a golf swing. The pressure signals and the synchronized video are recorded in parallel and then interactively analyzed.

Your contact person: Martin Marquardt
Tel. +49 6145 933 870 0

Joint Venture: RV realtime visions

Product development, company foundation and market launch

FireCube SMART - the interactive multimedia solution for innovative product and marketing presentations

Together with computer visualistics specialists, the company RV realtime visions GmbH was founded in 2006. Together, products and solutions for innovative product marketing were developed and introduced to the market. Through an intelligent concept for financing The company with headquarters in Cologne, Koblenz and Rüsselsheim has become the leading European company in the field of interactive control of multimedia content.

Some HIGHLIGHTS of realtime visions are:

  • Hardware such as HoloLens, HTC VIVE or Oculus provide a secure basis for revolutionary visual applications. RV realtime visions will develop the right software for you

  • They offer solutions for visual feedback systems for medicine, sports and rehabilitation

  • Implementation of computer games and serious games for education, training, therapy and advertising

  • Virtual Reality Applications

  • Sensor Data Visualization

  • Automotive and Industry Data Visualization

  • Cloud Based Content Systems

  • Interactive trade fair and showroom solutions

Your contact person: Frank Honisch
Tel. +49 6142 - 705 901 0

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